Ayla’s Clutches feat Ayla Aysel:


Nick Riley awakens to find himself bound between the legs of Ayla Aysel. His head being held in the soft slender hands of Ayla. Realizing he’s been trapped, he begins to struggle. Ayla holds his head still and calmly slips her palm across his lips, instantly silencing him. She explains that she is going to play a game, with: him. He is to hold his breath for as long as possible. If he needs to breathe, he will receive a punishment. He declines and starts to squirm again. Ayla smiles and smothers him with her beautiful hands. Effortlessly keeping him in place as he struggles against her. Ultimately Nick taps out and gasps for air, as soon as she releases him. This is only momentary, though, as Ayla swallows him up in her arms and squeezes his neck like a python. After many rounds of this, he finally submits to her. Admitting that Ayla Aysel is far too strong to resist. This does not stop her, though. She smiles and places her hands over his mouth and nose, one last time. Making him rest, in her clutches.


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